Monday, November 3, 2008

Niagara Falls - Somewhere Over the Rainbow

After running away to Toronto for a weekend, Geek Guy and Decadent Housewife took the QEW and ran down to Niagara Falls. We have been to the Falls many times but neither of us have ever been treated to a rainbow over the Falls.
It was rainy and a bit coolish and I thought I'd left my heavy jacket back in Toronto so we hung around just a little longer than the rainbow and for some nice boys from TO and New York to take our pictures and we, theirs and for them to pretend to steal our camera and for me to think..."you'll be sorry, with that stupid time-delay feature of one picture only."
We then travelled on to Welland and got thoroughly twisted around with the three cornered streets all bearing the same name.
The last time I was confused in Welland, I was with my mother. Not to say that neither of us weren't naturally confused right off. Neither of us had a penchant for map reading preferring to travel by the sun and the seats-of-our-pants and it was getting dark. We also had just finished high-tailing it out of Mississauga after my writing an entrance exam to Humber College.
After traveling four hours,"There's no use in me writing this," I had flatly said. "There is absolutely no way, I'm going to move to live in this traffic. We haven't seen a cornfield for hours."
"We've driven this far, you are going to write the exam. I will wait in the parking lot for you. When you're done, we'll go have fun. And no,you don't have to come live here...I wouldn't either."
So, I wrote the exam knowing I was only doing so out of a sense of duty. And I resisted the temptation to write something unexpected on the, "I hate driving in your sixty-lane traffic. I'm leaving the moment your bell dings and heading straight back down the 401 to the farm...where there are cornfields. This whole thing's a farce...I'm outta' here!"...or something less freaky, like a recipe for Nanaimo Bars with a sweet note explaining, "since you will never have the pleasure of my acquaintance, here is my best recipe so you will know what you are missing...down the 401...on a farm...where there are cornfields."
And we left and we had fun at the Falls and then even more fun driving around in circles in Welland trying to find our way out and home again. That was back in 1970 something and nothing has changed Welland...three cornered streets all with the same name...the canal over here...the canal over there...over the bridge...back over the bridge...back over the bridge again...and again...and again. All that, and GG actually does read maps. But it made me smile and think of my Mom.

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