Monday, November 24, 2008

Giant Fireball Lights up Canadian Sky

The other night, in pitch darkness, while Decadent Housewife was stranded on the side of the road, with Buff busily flicking a Bic lighter to shed light on the situation; the whole of Western Canada at that very moment had their sky lit up by no puny fireball streaking toward earth.

Andy Bartlett, using a Canon Powershot digital camera, captured the spectacle from a tenth floor Edmonton, Alberta apartment. While watching this, I thought how Buff and I sure could have used a giant fireball flying through the Eastern Canada sky. After viewing their offering of the fireball, I also thought how the University of Calgary could probably think about picking up a few Canon Powershot cameras.

Not too very long after the fireball allegedly dropped into the ubiquitous farmer's field somewhere in Saskatchewan, theories began to emerge as to what it actually was. Someone offered that he had found it...a nastily charred Nasa tool bag. Someone else offered that it was aliens. I would go with the tool bag thesis. I have the aliens my kitchen.

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