Friday, October 17, 2008

Tow Tales - Part 2

"You can ride shotgun this time."
"Just come here. It needs to be turned around to head the right direction."
"Can't you just get in front with the other van and push this one back, while I steer?"
"I don't want to damage the bumpers," he says.

I look around the van interior. No carpeting is present...completely torn out. Cables of some sort, which I've NEVER seen before lay on the bare metal floor between the front seats. The lower dashboard is gone. Wires are hanging down...lots of pretty wires...the sort little girls might knot and twist for bracelets.
"Can't you just call a tow-truck?"

Three turns. Two miles. Back roads. Big butt ditches. Nobody at The General Store…nobody to run into. We pick up speed. Instructions for the mechanic start flying around. I shove them under a car repair manual. Geek Guy takes the second turn, a right...not where I expected…and FAST. Turning here means two extra turns and out onto the main highway. No brakes. Big butt ditches. Did I mention BIG butt ditches. Sooooooo, I grab the emergency. Now may be as good a time as any to mention that never before have I made a vehicle screech. Squeal…yes. Screech…no. GG looking less than pleased, walked back toward me holding the freshly snapped towing cable, both ends apparently broken. I think I said something to him. I think he said something to me. I know I began humming. ( be continued...)


Patricia said...

"I don't want to damage the bumpers."

What a riot!!!!!

Decadent Housewife said...

Yes. That's exactly what I thought. That is exactly what he said. Sigh. :/