Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tow Tales - Part 1

This afternoon I heard, “Honey, can you give me a hand?” GG finally decided after one season and the better part of another beneath a van, to call in a real mechanic. Of course being the consummate do-it-yourselfers, we would tow the thing there ourselves. The last time I was involved in towing something, I was steering Violinist’s smarty pants car, which had broken down fifteen miles from home. The terrain here is Ohio flat. Nevertheless, by some strange fluke of nature, there is one hill in the entire county and by some stranger fluke GG managed to find it. Actually the hill went better than expected. It was great fun to speed and tailgate like a teenager. There was no power, tight steering, smoking brakes, big butt ditches, gravel pit to the right, glass greenhouses to the left. Nevertheless I was distracted by the thought that GG could find the only hill available for hundreds of miles in any direction. Really? Really.

Towing the old-fashioned way is only fun if you are ten years old and hide a slingshot somewhere on your body. GG bounced the lead van. I kept braking. It wasn’t pretty even with Fun sticking his head out the passenger side of the lead van giving the “Way-2-GO-Mom” sign. After the fourth turn, on the main stretch home, GG accelerated a little too fast, one…last…time and in keeping with Murphy’s Law, the towing chain snapped.

We are talking one HONKING BIG FAT SUCKER of a chain fly back and narrowly miss my surprised face through Violinist’s windshield. I did not see my life pass before my eyes. There wasn’t enough time. However, GG, if he was in any way the least intuitive, which he isn’t (he’s linear) should have seen his life pass before him. ( be continued.)


Carla said...

You write very well.

Decadent Housewife said...

Thank you Carla. I write it the way it happens. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Patricia said...

You ARE writing a book, right?

BTW, the link to this post in Part 4 is broken. I'd hate for others to miss this segment. I was just determined to find it.

Decadent Housewife said...

Thanks Patricia, for finding the broken link. I just don't think I will e-ver get technology. My albatross for sure.! It might be hard to be nice...I don't know...will have to think about that!