Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sunday was Canadian Thanksgiving.
The axe in the stump does not look very nice. However, this is the artwork of a Canadian farm boy from October 5, Dad. He knew all about axes stuck into the top of tree stumps. So do I, but I'll spare the details right now, except to say that this is a chopping block but not for pumpkins. And he forgot to draw in the two nails used to anchor a poor old bird's neck.
After all that work the day before, this is all there is to show for it.
It might have been pushing it to make four dozen buns, sweet potato pies, cook a turkey, a ham, make gravy, eight litres of stuffing, peel ten pounds of potatoes, cook squash, cranberries, make a green salad, a salad dressing, cook beets...vacuum floors and ceilings, wash floors, clean bathrooms, do laundry, hang out laundry, run to the General Store, run back from The General Store, feed and play with The Cat, cook supper, clean dishes, unpack a week's worth of Violinist and Fun's dirty lunch containers and have photographed it all the sixteen hours it only took to do this. Another time.
Here is the full picture. See, that turkey is headed for the chopping block.
Notice the stook of corn behind the turkey. My dad knew all about stooking corn too. Unlike our Jeune Dindon, this is an old turkey...1934... seventy-four years old.
He didn't get around to painting this artwork. Some he finished with water colours. He actually would have been out stooking and shucking corn this time of year. There wouldn't be a whole lot of spare time to be painting turkeys.
At the risk of sounding like Grandpa from HeeHaw, this is what we ate. Fresh homemade featherlight white rolls (go ahead, roll your eyes), buttered corn, sage onion celery dressing, slow-baked paprika turkey, maple sugared ham, spiced butternut squash, cranberries a l'orange, JonaMac applesauce, herbed garlic whipped potatoes, sweet potato pie with French vanilla ice cream...the perfect finish for a Dindon Dejeuner.

I forgot to put out a dressed green salad with almonds, red onion and mandarin oranges, and also the beets. And when I wandered back into the kitchen to get the salad, GG hollered, "Come here and sit down, woman!" So I did.
Nobody seemed to mind that I'd forgotten the green salad and the beets. Although GG did wax eloquent about wishing I had included pistachio jello. And soon they all looked a little soporific from the Dindon and Shiraz and settled into a good Jackie Chan. What better choice could one make for a fine Thanksgiving evening?
Give Thanks.

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