Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Spicy Kitchen

This morning I made a spice cake. Before putting it to cool I had to clear the junk off the table. This is what I found. A Bible. Oooooooo...Geek Guy must be feeling guilty about the pastry making photos. A tensor bandage...the mouth guard is back...a Popular Science magazine...two overdue movies from the library, one called “Separate Tables.” Wouldn’t that be nice...a table for me and a table for junk. Then again, how many separate tables would do the trick since the separate table in the dining room is covered in junk too? What...else...is there?…a blue box thingy...I suspect it has guy stuff in it...am I right?...Volia! Guy Stuff. Appears to be drill bits or ends of something, like pastry tips. Gosh, what do I know? I'm only a Decadent Housewife.

Anyhow, the Spice Cake has made the house all warm and cozy and the kitchen smell…well…spicy and grandmotherly. I’ll get to the directions later as I have lots to do today like run into Town this morning, since somebody forgot to pick up TP over the weekend. I have other important Decadent Housewife stuff to do too…like dig through the second-hand shops for whatever catches my magpie fancy.

And then there are the geraniums…we have to get the geraniums out and in before too long. This morning I could see my breath when The Cat arrived at the kitchen door. Sunday, I noticed frost on the roof of the garage. I need too, to build The Cat a little winter house since it’s annoying to keep running outside all winter in skivvies and duffle coat to get and keep a fire going in the garage so The Cat can keep warm…Sooo much to do. Right-o. And then there’s Thanksgiving this weekend too. And yes, I still see Violinist’s little orange tent pitched in the backyard.

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