Monday, October 27, 2008

The Red Glove

"Honey can you give me a hand?"
"What do you need help with?"
"I need to see if I can get a spark on the lawnmower. Just hold the plug to the metal and see if you see a spark."
"Will I get a shock?"
"Not likely."
"Not likely?"
"Not likely."
"Look...just hold the plug to the metal."
"No. The last time you told me to do something like this my fingers got burned."
"There's no propane here. It's only a spark plug."
"In that can choose. You can pull the cord to start or you can hold the plug."
"Can I have a rubber glove?"
This is what GG found in The Shop from Hell...appropriately red.

"Does it matter if I stand here, or here?" I point to bare ground and then to the sheet of plywood I'm standing on.
"You have rubber shoes on. It won't matter."
"Propane huh?...I'll pull."
"You're pulling the whole mower...I'LL pull."
"Watch for a spark. Do you see a spark?"
"No. Maybe. Yeah, there was a spark...I think. No. I can't see anything."
"Look for a spark. WHERE are you looking?"
"Right here on the metal part where it touches."
"NO...look for the spark across the space."
"What space? You told me to touch the plug to the metal. Nobody said anything about a space."
"The" GG points to something in the air in the general vicinity of the sparkplug.
"Nobody told me about a space."
"Do you see a spark?"
"Yeah, there's a spark."

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