Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lost and Found

Today I got to utilize the Canadian Health Care System (Bow Down and Kiss the Earth). Having left my Katharine Hepburn in the car and refusing to touch the ickyboo magazines provided, I got bored sitting and waiting for GG to pick me up. So I told a nurse I was going to walk over to the library. "Tell GG when he gets here." "Okey, dokey." Having been just freshly anethetized, I think she let me get away with it, because we know each other. "Don't worry. I can blow it off walking."
Anyway, I was reading a good book, "365 Ways to Cook a Chicken", when GG walks in...very quickly, "We've been looking everywhere for you, security, everyone, I wanted to call the police."
"Oh really? Well, I told them where I was going and nobody tried to stop me. Look here, it says that you can put sweet potatoes into the chicken pot pie crust...another way to get rid of extra sweet potato."
"We paged and paged you...where have you been?"
"Right here...right here, where you've found me...reading this book about chicken."
"And security looked everywhere for you...the cafeteria...the roof...the basement - "
"The roof?"
"We searched and searched. They had to call everyone who went home to find out where you went."
"Well I'm here."
"We paged and paged for you. Security hunted and hunted for you. I wanted them to call the police."
Being in the midst of thousands of books, GG seemed to be calming down a bit and began wandering the aisles picking titles off the shelves. "Where were you?" he trailed off. So I told him I was going to walk over to the second-hand shop to do a bit of Magpie-ing. "Where? How long will you be...what do you need?"
"Relax. I'll be right back."

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