Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm on the Run

This is my tool bag. Sleeve ironing board, measuring tape, pins, iron, you can just see the handles of my cutting shears. I use old fashioned cutting shears. I'm that old. And I have my Katherine Hepburn autobiography, just in case I get stuck in traffic somewhere. Not too likely though, out here in the boonies. I didn't get a very good picture of my tool bag because I'm on the run.

This call came in yesterday, while still wearing GG's long johns and enjoying breakfast...creamy Scottish oatmeal, some brown sugar, a bit of toast and marmalade.
"Hi...Decadent Housewife?"
"This is Helen."
"Decadent Housewife...we need help."
"We have 285 costumes to sew and we're a little behind."

"Would you help?"
"When do you need these 285 costumes?"
"Friday. Opening night is Friday. Can you help?"

This posting is between runs. I don't mean theatre runs I mean Decadent Housewife runs. Runs to Town, runs to The Winery, runs to The Home, runs to the theatre. Runs to the laundry room, runs to the kitchen.

I'm on the run.

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