Monday, October 20, 2008


These are the progeny of geraniums I bought about twenty-five years ago. Every autumn they come in from the cold enjoying the winter in GG's workroom or in my kitchen window.

First, I had to wander around the garden looking for pots to pot them into. These are funky from hanging out in the garden all summer, so they got washed.

This one was harbouring these icky-boo wicked little slugs. I suppose they have their purpose. However, I can't quite imagine just what that...would... be?

The soil is dry, so it is easy to loosen the plants from their summer homes.

Some of the pots needed a bit of soil in the bottom first, but only if the plants were smallish.

There is the root...ready to go into it's little pot.

During the winter, living conditions get a little tight. Geraniums actually do a bit better when crowded into a pot. I have three to four in here. Just like bunks...only different.

Add soil once the plants are positioned into their pot.

Here is a geranium with a little sprout growing out of it's main stem. In late February I will take cuttings for new plants by making a cut just above that little sprout, which by then will be a new stem. My cousin takes her cuttings now and just sticks them into the soil...stick cuttings. I tried it today and we'll see.

Or, I can shake the roots free of soil and hang them upside down in a dark dry place like a closet or attic and leave them alone all winter. Come spring the stems will be covered in little sprouts just like this. Cut the plant's stems back, leaving maybe three sprouts per stem and replant them. I prefer to enjoy them in their pots all winter.

This geranium was quite large so I put it into it's own pot....................................

and gently added around it the soil.

I put a bit of foil around the bottoms. I know. It doesn't look cool. But hey, it works and it does sort of co-ordinate with all the geek-guy stuff in Geek Guy's workroom.

See? Here is Geek Guy's workroom window. It faces south and is a perfect place for the long winter ahead. It makes me happy to see the geraniums blooming away when trudging through a snowdrift...just outside the window.

I'll spare you the details of what I had to clear off the sill before I could put the geraniums there.

However, be assured...wire was included.

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