Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fall Election 2008

Today I get to traipse down to the local school gymnasium and vote. Canadian elections are funny. We never really know when we will get to have one. Unlike Americans who get an election every four years, we here in Canada sometimes feel like an election and sometimes we don't. Canadians keep the same government the way teen boys keep the same socks and underwear.

Today I get to choose from a nice man who takes in homeless kittens and who already has the job, another nice man who reads slightly more books than Geek Guy, and has slightly more letters after his name than Geek Guy or another nice man who I think would look good in an open collar shirt, leather jacket and hat, smoking something purchased in Vancouver.

And since I'm neither CBC or another political party, I won't forget to include anyone, like say...for instance...maybe...the Queen of Green...not the Queen, nobody would forget to invite her, but Green Party queen... a nice lady who is the Green Party leader, lives responsibly, owns no car and decorates her recyclable Christmas tree with biodegradable detergent bottles. I kid you not. I read it in MacLeans, so it must be true.

Somehow I don't think Sarah Palin would hang recycled detergent bottles on her Christmas tree. But this is Canada. It's cold up here and the winters are long. Not to say that the same isn't true for Alaska.

Frankly, I haven't a clue who I am going to vote for. I have to admit it wasn't weighing on my mind at all yesterday after we left GG's parents in their sock conundrum and Geek Guy had noticed a small white cat attached to my left foot and I began to wonder just what the heck it was that I found in Geek Guy's Dad's bathroom and had impulsively sprayed onto my foot.

Since I'm a techie ditz and haven't figured out how to link to my own posts, you'll have to go back and read yesterday's post yourself to understand what the heck it is I'm talking about.

We drove to the farm where I grew up and wiled away the remainder of the evening taking photos. The only political remark all day was GG's observation that Green Party election signs do not look like election signs but more like advertising for laundry detergent...biodegradable of course.

This is the pond where I learned to skate and swim and cry over useless boys. We used to camp over there...to the left...east. And just up a little to the south was a huge patch of nettles where one of those useless boys discovered well...nettles.

We would build a nice big fire pit in the south corner of the field cradled by bush, using stones from the field, and more stones from the field and more stones from the field. It was far nicer and bigger than this little one we found yesterday on the fishing flat jutting west into the pond.

And we'd pitch a yellow and brown Woods canvas tent and when not otherwise being driven insane with mosquitos from the bush or work from the farm, have fun until September when my Dad would come along and disc it all under.

And doesn't this one look a little bit Krieghoff?


Richard D said...

My goodness! These are gorgeous pictures. Elections aside - what amazing beauty. Thanks.

Decadent Housewife said...

Isn't the fall just incredible? And we don't even have hills here, except one!

Once I get out of sewing purgatory, (opening night is >24 hrs)or rather, help someone else get out of sewing purgatory, I hope to post more outdoors photos.

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