Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chicken Soup Day

The corn is now gone. It came off a few nights ago under the lights of a corn picker and waning full moon. The field now looks all rough and nubbly tweedy...something I'd like to cut into to make a Sherlock Holmes cape. I show these photos from a few days ago when the corn was still standing, because I've been a little busy with an inpatient.
Poor old Buff caught a cold after his twenty mile bicycle ride back from Town. He'd missed his bus home because he had a detention on account of a little nameplate switching incident on school picture day. The other night he went for another ten mile bicycle ride in the rain to work out at a friend's house and made it all the more worse. Soooooo..................................................
I've been nursing a sick puppy these last few days. No school for Buff...except for the few times I found him asleep on the keyboard amid an ocean of crumpled Kleenex, smushed Goji berries and half full mugs of green tea. Out of chicken and needing to make some more soup, it's off to Town I go in search of a fine chicken for the soup pot.

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