Thursday, October 23, 2008

Buff Gets a Detention - Again

Poor old Buff got a detention and didn't get back from Town until very, very, very late because he had to borrow a bicycle to ride the twenty miles home. When he arrived home, he was so famished and faint from the need to eat, drink and be filled that all was quiet until he had done so. Seems it's a detentionable offence for teenage boys to switch name plates while getting photos taken for the high school yearbook. Actually, I wonder why I never thought to do that myself. I mean, it isn't like switching babies in a nursery and it isn't as though a yearbook is the same as dental records.

The worst I ever did was stick a tack on Mr. Dinwoody's chair in Grade 10 History. Something about Mesopotamia, Greeks and Ur oh my. And, yes, he actually sat on it. And he a little to the left, all the while talking about papyrus and cuneiform tablets and Moses, I think...and plucked the offending tack from his hiney. Very cool. Very, very cool. He could have been Moses. That cool. That old.

And I could hardly contain myself. The very cool boy sitting across from me, with the long golden locks...Benjamin...he could hardly contain himself. He could have been Adonis. Anyway, it livened up a very dull afternoon in March and got Adonis's attention. Today, that tack thing would warrant a good three day-er, no doubt. And now, after having written has occurred to me that, no, that was not the worst I did. Another time.

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