Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aardvarks In The Dark

Of the four cars in the yard, two are off the road and two are on the road and one of those is in the shop. Violinist and Fun work together at The Winery. With grape harvest they keep farmer hours. They can’t take the only remaining car and hog it all that time. Sooooo..............................

down to one car, I or GG have been getting up at four in the morning to drive Fun and Violinist to The Winery for half-past. Or, I, Decadent Housewife, stay up until two in the morning, reading trashy novels, to take them in for three in the morning so I can drive at five in the evening to pick up Buff after football in Town so I can drive at 8:30 in the evening to retrieve Violinist and Fun.

The other night when doing the last round of this, I hit some Aardvark-ish looking thing waddling onto the road. As nocturnal as I am, I don’t see too well at night, however, I am quite certain I have never seen this creature before and poor thing…never will again. This unfortunate incident prompted another of our deep Mother/Son commuter conversations.

Fun: “Don’t Aardvarks live in Africa?”
Mom: “I said it looked Aardvark-ish. All humpy backed with a snouty-like nose."
Violinist: “Maybe it was a ‘possum.”
Mom: “It was red. It had reddish fur."
Violinist: “Maybe it was a fox."
Mom: “Shoulders and head weren’t foxy and it was trundling not trotting."
Fun: “Maybe it was a Groundhog."
Mom: "Too small."
Fun: "Well it's smaller now."

After which, I heard some snoring.


Richard D said...

"Well, it's smaller now."

You gotta love it. Obviously there is a future in comedy forming here.

Decadent Housewife said...

There's a reason we call him Fun!