Monday, September 29, 2008

Decadent Housewife ID Cards

I decided not to share a dull photo of the list, “Pieces of Identification Authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada.” Instead, here is a picture of, The Cat, doing drugs…RELAX…it’s only catnip.

So on this non-alphabetical list, “Pieces of Identification Authorized by the Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, (ALL CAPS AGAIN), are twenty-five Identity Cards and twenty Original Documents. Topping the list is, Health Card, beating out both SIN card and Canadian Passport. (We Canadians sure love our health care system. Bow down and kiss the earth.) Wonder if Canada Customs knows this.

Halfway down is “Employee Card issued by employer.” Hmmm, how hard would it be to whip up one of those things on a computer? For me it would be impossible. I would be laying on the floor, technologically overcome. I’d have to go get Geek Guy or Speedy. And Speedy would be, “DO YOU WANT to KNOW HOW TO DO THIS FOR YOURSELF, MOM? MOM?” Okay, Okay, I got your point, Speedy. He’s left brain, and has never stopped looking at me like I’m totally mad since the day we first met.

And how about a Student ID Card? How many times have you altered your student card or used somebody else’s? I was eighteen from 1971 to 1975. Those were the days. And if there were Decadent Housewife ID Cards, I might try it again.

Away down toward the bottom is “library card”. Really? How many times have you lost your library card? How many times have you found a library card? Gosh, I had no idea library cards are akin to SIN numbers or Canadian Passports. So why not my Fabric Buying Club Membership? It’s as important as my library card. Air Miles anyone? And how do these rules get made without my knowing about it? Or am I just reading the wrong news? Which brings me to something Buff wrote the other day for his Civics class, about China, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May and folk musician Dale Butler, but we’ll get to that another day.

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